Colour Correcting: MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Palette

Colour Correcting: MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Palette

Colour Correcting: MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Palette


Every time I walked past this tiny little palette I have been wondering whether I should get it. I’ve never really seen the need to buy a colour correcting product, mostly because I thought it was a little gimmicky. However, for £4 from MUA, it seemed like a low-risk purchase.

You get 5 shades with this palette, a peach/red concealer, a lilac concealer, a mint and also a yellow concealer. The middle circular colour in the palette is apparently to highlight the face, but I find it far too yellow for my skin so I’ll probably skip using it.


They’re not very opaque and it does take a few swipes to get a good colour, paired with the fact you don’t get a massive amount of product might be a problem for me. As soon as you take a few swipes with the brush you feel like you’re going to hit pan already. I’d prefer if it was a little more expensive and you got more product! (The brush I used for this is pictured above and you can find out more details about it – and how to get 10% off here.)

So, the big question is, what does each colour actually do? Well:

Lilac – is to brighten, and to help conceal unwanted yellow tones on the skin.
Red/Peach – is to counteract blue tones on the skin like veins or under eye circles.
Green – is the one I will probably use the most as green helps to conceal redness.
Yellow – helps to counteract purple tones on the skin, if you have a bruise or again with under the eyes.

The good news is, you can mix and match! You can mix these colours together if you feel that the colour is a mixture of different tones. This is how I colour corrected my face earlier:


Purple to brighten the forehead and around the nose and mouth (especially the mouth because it’s my problem area), green for my cheeks and around my nose as I find I have quite a lot of redness and lastly the yellow and red/peach colour under my eyes because I see my under eyes as a mixture of blue and purple.

I was so skeptical that I didn’t expect to see much of a difference when I applied foundation over this, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe my mind was imagining things but around my mouth did seem brighter and I noticed less redness around my nose and on my cheeks. Under my eyes didn’t show through my foundation just as much as they usually would. I also didn’t use any more or less foundation than I normally wear (I always use two pumps of L’Oreal True Match :)).

Do I think I would do this every day? Uh, no. But if you’re going somewhere special for a day or you just want to look extra good I would definitely try it out! This is really more of a technique actual make-up artists use but I think that it’s amazing that anyone can buy these kits and become educated in this rather specialized technique.

Thoughts on the palette: you have to use a lot of product to get pigmentation, the highlight colour for me was useless, but for £4 from MUA for a palette that actually works when you use it right, it’s probably worth it. Especially if you only want to use it for special occasions and not daily.

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