It’s a Smash: Smashbox Light It Up Studio Best Sellers

It’s a Smash: Smashbox Light It Up Studio Best Sellers

It’s a Smash: Smashbox Light It Up Studio Best Sellers


Smashbox is a brand I have heard a lot about, but until now, never tried. That was, until I walked into Boots to pick up some shampoo (it’s always the simple shop) and this beauty caught my eye. I had of course heard the rave reviews of the Photo Finish primer and I love a good red lipstick, so I couldn’t wait to get this set home. At £30 with a retail value of £70… I wasn’t going to let it slip away.

2 The set comes with five different items, three full size and two travel size. The full size items are the Be Legendary lipstick in Get Fired, the Full Exposure mascara and the Always Sharp eyeliner in Raven. The two travel sizes are the Photo Finish primer (you get half of the original amount) and the L.A. Lights Lip & Cheek Colour in Hollywood & Highlight (which is more of a deluxe sample size). I think it has a good range of products for the face, and I was really excited to try all of them.



img_3828 This lipstick is a great for a bright pop of colour. It’s a very true bright red that is extremely moisturizing on the lips, which I really like. The only thing is that you really do have to layer a few coats to get a really good colour, but I don’t mind that so much. These retail on their own for £17.50 and I would be happy to pay that for them as the wear and colour range is great. I also love the packaging, it’s modern and also feels pretty heavy and expensive.

I  usually use gel liner in a pot (the Maybelline Lasting Drama is my all time favourite) and an eyeliner brush to apply, so this seemed very attractive to me. When I finally got to my eyes and tried it, I hated it. It’s very harsh on your eyes, it’s doesn’t glide and pulls quite a bit. Not living up to it’s ‘always sharp’ name, it was blunt by the time I got to my other eye and I couldn’t do as sharp a wing as I’d like. Plus, I have absolutely no idea how to get more product out of this pencil… The bottom doesn’t screw, the top doesn’t screw, there’s nothing to push… I’m not sure. I don’t like it.

img_3830This is a really nice highlight. In the full size you get so much more product and a sponge like blender at the bottom. The colour is a very nice champagne colour, it’s blends very nicely and the cream formula is very smooth and non-sticky. It did last the whole time  I was wearing my makeup, and in this size it would be great to travel with, or just pop in your bag if you wanted to be super glowy .
img_3831 This mascara may be my favourite thing in the set. The wand is big, fat and grabs all of your lashes with very little effort. It’s a true black, and separates lashes nicely without clumping. I’m very set in my ways with mascara , so for me to find a new one I really like is very surprising but it’s a great mascara. The only down side may be that as the wand is so big, it can get messy and transfer to the lid, so this mascara may not be for those in the hurry, you do have to take your time with this one!

img_3832 The cult favourite primer. It’s good, it is don’t get me wrong. But, would I buy this? No. There are now so many drugstore primers that are so similar and just as good that I wouldn’t pay £26 for the full size of this. It does a good job of smoothing skin and makes your makeup glide on nicely, and my makeup lasted the whole time I was wearing. If you’re desperate to have it in your collection, it’s still a good product. Otherwise, I would just stick to products such as Maybelline Baby Skin or the W7 Prime Magic Primer.

Using the products in this set, I created this look.


I really don’t like this eyeliner. In case I didn’t say before.

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Thanks for reading!

Emma x


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