Beauty Killer: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Palette

Beauty Killer: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Palette

Beauty Killer: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Palette


As soon as I saw Jeffree Star introduce his new Beauty Killer palette to the world, I was intrigued. This palette includes such a wide variety of colours that range from neon pink to black with the most beautiful flecks of glitter. I had never tried any of Jeffree’s products when I saw the release video, but I since bought one of the liquid lipsticks from his summer collection and really fell in love with it. It’s hard not to love a brand that not only is cruelty free, but also has a reputation for encouraging it’s customers to be unique and show their individuality.

The colours from the swatches may seem a little scary, and some of them are, but that’s part of the fun of this palette! Each of these eyeshadows are really pigmented, very smooth and buttery, BUT one. The shade ‘Rich Bitch’ which is the gold shade, is quite rough to the touch and you definitely need to wet your eyeshadow brush to get the colour payoff. It was the only shade in the palette I was disappointed in, but when you get it to work, it is very beautiful. The top line of the palette are more bright, summery colours whereas the bottom line are more autumnal/wintery shades.

The shade ‘China White’ is a great brow bone highlight shade, particularly if you like matte shades for the brow bone. If you prefer to add a shimmery highlight to the brow bone, the shade ‘Princess’ is perfect for not only the brow bone but the inner corners of the eyes too. This palette includes the PERFECT (and I mean flawless) transition shade ‘Courtney’. It’s a beautiful warm peachy nude making it perfect to help blend out the deeper shadows, or as a base to smooth out the eyelid before applying your eyeshadow. I think it’s my favourite of the lot.

I did a few looks with these eyeshadows, deliberately working outside my comfort zone to ensure I had a play with almost every shade.

I tried to use the pop of colour for the waterline, which I really like. The shade ‘Expensive’, which is the teal colour in the second picture was another one of the stand out shades in the palette.

Overall, I don’t have many complaints about this palette. I love the shade range and the quality of the shadows (but as I mentioned I think ‘Rich Bitch’ could have been better) and I think you get a lot of product. This palette was £40 from BeautyBay (who are the only retailer to stock Jeffree Star for UK shipping). I think it was well worth the money and I would definitely recommend this palette if you have been spying it for a while!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you did, please leave a like! Let me know in the comments what your favourite shade from the palette is and whether you have it! X

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