Bonnie XO – Custom Lipstick Review

Bonnie XO – Custom Lipstick Review

Bonnie XO – Custom Lipstick Review

*I was sent this lipstick to test, but all opinions are my own*

I first came across Bonnie XO lipsticks on Instagram, and I was immediately intrigued. They offer a unique service where you can choose a custom colour and scent for your lipsticks. They sent me one of their lipsticks to try out, so here are my thoughts!

When choosing my lipstick, the Bonnie XO website was very helpful. They have a colour wheel you just click around to find your perfect shade! You can choose from pink nudes all the way around to green and even black. The shade I went for was ‘Bison’.

bonnie xo bison lipstick

I really like dark lipsticks so I thought this one would be perfect for winter. I went for the vanilla scent but there are lots of others to choose form including pomegranate and rose. The smell is soooo good (like a cupcake), it’s not overpowering but it has the right amount that you can smell it as you apply, but it fades after a few seconds.

Currently they only have one finish to the lipstick, which they call Silk.

From their website, ‘Our luxury lipstick glides on the lips with single-stroke coverage. It’s Light, smooth and creamy texture is comfortable to wear all day long. Contains natural ingredients.’

The formula of the Silk is very much like a lip balm. As I applied it the colour came out quite streaky (like a lip balm would) and clung to the dry parts of my lips.

bison lipstick swatch

It’s very 90s, no? I really like that it’s so light to wear and very moisturising, but I am disappointed with the lack of pigmentation. Although, this could just be from this particular colour. The problem with picking your own colour, however, is that some pigments may  be better than others, so this might not be a consistent result throughout the whole range. I think ultimately I’ll try and use a lipliner under this to try and make it more even.

Do I think these are worth £10?  It’s hard to say. Even with other brands some colours are hits and other misses. I think the concept is really cool and the fact you get to choose your own shade and fragrance definitely makes it’s something special. If you’re a collector of lipsticks or you’re just mad about makeup, I’d say definitely try this service out, even just once!


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did please leave a like, check out Bonnie XO and comment down below if you think this service is a unique idea!

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