My December Bucket List – Blogmas Day Six

My December Bucket List – Blogmas Day Six

My December Bucket List – Blogmas Day Six

There is something about December and Christmas looming upon me that makes me want to do something. There are, of course, some things we all do at Christmas and some things we don’t get around to, but always intend to. This year, I decided to make a December bucket list so I can keep track of all the little things I want to get done. Here is what I put on my list:

Give To Charity

This December I really wanted to be aware of those collecting money for charity. I really feel good when I can give things here or there to some of the local causes. I was also thinking about doing something rather different this year and collecting up some Christmas-y non-perishable foods and giving them in to my local food bank. I’ll have to scope mine out and see if they are accepting anything – I’ll keep you posted!


Decorate The Christmas Tree with My Family – Completed

Many times I am at work (or was at University) when my mum and sister put up the Christmas tree and decorate it. This year I specifically arranged a time when we could all be together to decorate the house. We had a little glass of prosecco, blasted some Christmas tunes and spent a good few hours putting up our 3 trees, 3 garlands, various ornaments and stockings. It was so nice to spend some time together and feel some real cosy vibes throughout the house!


Take Some Time To Remember Things I Am Grateful For

This has been a pretty tough year for me. My grandmother died in January (we always spent Christmas Day at her house), I had such a stressful and unpleasant time during the final semester of my University career, struggled to come to terms with living with a chronic condition, and, I have been really undecided and worried about my future. During all of this time I think I have forgotten some of the things that I really should be so thankful for, and I am going to proactively take a little time each day to remind myself that things aren’t really all that bad.


Go To Belfast Christmas Markets

Now that I’m not in University in Belfast, it’s been really difficult (mainly due to working) for me to get to the Christmas Markets. I always had a walk through to admire the hand made wooden sculptures, abut mainly just to eat the food. (Not even going to lie…) One of my absolute favourite things was treating myself to Bailey’s Hot Chocolate and a cannoli, so I may have to make my way back down again, even if it’s just for that!


Complete Blogmas!

So this one I am hoping is going to be absolutely no problem. It’s Day Six and I’ve been doing pretty well so far. I went from barely posting once a month to posting every day for almost a week. I big step for me. It really has shown me that if I prepare what I actually want to write about in advance, I should be able to post most days without much problem. I hope that in the New Year I can pre-plan content and begin posting a LOT more regularly to my blog. I hope I can complete Blogmas this year, and I am going to try my VERY best!


Make a List of New Years Resolutions & Goals

I was thinking about doing a blog post about this at the very end of Blogmas, but I have yet to actually make the lest of things I want to achieve in the next year. I have a fair idea (I have made some pretty big decisions these past few weeks) and I’m really looking forward to a new year and a fresh start. As I’ve mentioned already in this post, 2017 was a pretty tough year, so I’m hoping I can get my mojo back and complete some #goals.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, please leave me a comment down below telling me some of the things you want to do during December! I had a lot of fun putting together this list!

I’ll be back every day during December to bring you a post, so don’t forget to come back! Don’t be a stranger! Also, Day Five was a £25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! If you want to enter the link to that post is down below!

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