Stocking Fillers £10 & Under – Blogmas Day Three

Stocking Fillers £10 & Under – Blogmas Day Three

Stocking Fillers £10 & Under – Blogmas Day Three

Well, hello there once again! Welcome to another Blogmas post. This is my first majorly Christmas-y post, and I’ll be giving you the rundown of my top stocking fillers under £10. For me, getting little gifts for the stockings has to be my favourite part of gift buying. I’m not sure why… I think it’s just because you can buy really cute things and they’re not overly expensive. So, if you need some ideas, here are my top picks.

A Little Something Glamorous Cosmetic Bag – £8.50

I’m a sucker for little cosmetic bags. They’re so handy for storing a specific product (such as all your lovely lipsticks) or for on the go (I love taking mine of holiday, as it really forces you to narrow down to the complete basics). With this beautiful calligraphy in gold (I’m a sucker for gold), I think this is a perfect gift to pop into a stocking (and you could even fill it with sweets!). Simple, efficient, perfect.

Superdrug Flutter Makeup Brush Set – £7.00

I really love the rose gold handles and mint green hue to these brushes! I’ve even eyed them up myself once or twice in Superdrug. Now that they are down to £7 from £15, it’s the perfect time to snag them! (I kinda love the panda on the front too, but that’s only because I’m drawn in by packaging!) Perfect stocking filler for a makeup lover, or perhaps a younger girl/boy just getting into makeup, as they are stylish yet a little quirky.

Lindt Lindor Maxi Ball – £10.00

Okay, so this is pushing the limit, I know. You could probably get a normal box of Lindor for around £5 (so, definitely go for that, if you don’t want this!). BUT if you’re feeling a little flush and you like gimmicks (like me) you’ll love this GIANT Lindt Lindor Ball – with mini Lindor balls inside (well, the normal size)! Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t like Lindor. Think about it.

Sarah Jessica Parker NYC Heart 5ml Mini Gift Set – £10.00

This perfume is one of my favourites so when I saw this little mini set for £10 in Superdrug, I knew I had to list it.  (Such a perfect stocking size!) It is a floral and fruity scent, with notes of wild strawberry, mandarin, honeysuckle and mimosa. (I had to go and spray myself with some as I wrote this.) I got it for Christmas myself a couple of years ago, so if you know a lovely lady (or gent, I don’t judge) that likes sweet scents, this would be a real winner. (Also, if there are any SATC fans out there.)

Rose Gold Initial Candle – £3.99

If you know a blogger, it might be worth getting them one of these. Now, my name is Emma, so of course I chose the ‘E’, but them have them in a whole selection of letters on the New Look website (direct link ^). It’s simple, it’s cheap, it’s stylish… it ticks all the boxes! (Plus you could re-purpose the little candle jar when you’re done – I like to put my rings in mine!)

Beauty & The Beast Lip Gloss Trio – £4.00

Beauty and the Beast Lipgloss. No, I’m not kidding. This will be perfect for any Disney fan (I know there are many of you out there!). They come in Strawberry, Cherry and Vanilla scents/flavours (?). So cute, and perfect for all ages! (Except under 3. It specifically says not to give to under 3’s.) If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that winter is extra tough of your lips, so they’re also great to help dry lips. Save the lips of the ones you love this Christmas.

Well, I hope you like my picks for the Christmas stocking fillers. If you did leave me a comment down below and let me know which ones are your favourites! I’ve never done a post like this before, where I don’t use my own images, so this was a fun change for me!

I’ll be back every day during December to bring you a post, so don’t forget to come back! Don’t be a stranger!

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