Battle of the Contour – Rimmel Kate Moss v. Maybelline Master Contour

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Battle of the Contour – Rimmel Kate Moss v. Maybelline Master Contour

Battle of the Contour – Rimmel Kate Moss v. Maybelline Master Contour



Hello, welcome back for another post! Today, we are going to do a battle of the drugstore contour with the two latest products I’ve come across for contouring this summer. In one corner, we have the Rimmel Kate Moss trio, that has a beautiful rose gold packaging and the coveted Kate signature. In the other, is the new Maybelline Master Contour V-shaped contouring stick. The packaging is very practical and I think it would be great for travel and to just pop into your handbag. So, which one will win? LET’S GET READY TO RUUUMBLEE.



I have to say that Rimmel is not my favourite brand. They have a few great products that I buy over and over, but ultimately I do prefer others. When I swatched this it wasn’t very pigmented and it was a little chalky, so I wasn’t expecting much. BUT, it just reinforces the fact that you can’t judge a makeup palette by it’s cover. The powders felt soft on the skin and the colour came through very well.

As you can see, the colours blend really nicely. The contour shade is a very nice cool brown which is great at creating shadow. When contouring it’s important to try and create a more defined shape for your face. I would recommend contouring the hollows of your cheeks (do a fish face and feel where your cheeks hollow in), the sides of your forehead (and perhaps the very top at the hairline if you feel your forehead is a little bigger – don’t sweat it) and also the sides of your nose and around the jawline. Of course, these are only guidelines and if you feel you don’t need to sharpen or shadow a part of your face, don’t worry about it! The beauty of makeup is that it’s personal and creative, so you do you!

The blush is a really pretty coral pink shade, which I’m all over every time. When applying blush, you might want to consider bringing it back from the apples of the cheeks to blend just above the contour (some also like to add a dab to their chin and the sides of their forehead too!). The highlight is very subtle but also ties in nicely with the rest of the palette, although it is barely noticeable on the third photograph. I would recommend this palette if you have more oily skin or you find it easier to use powders than cream formulas, and overall it is very nice and I did underestimate it! This is priced at £6.99 in Boots, so it won’t break the bank.




Maybelline is one of my favourite brands. Recently, I think they have been creating some of the best drugstore products and I was really excited to try this item. This comes with just the highlight and contour shades in this really simple but very effective V shaped application. I have never used cream contouring products before so I tried this a few times to get the hang of using it before reviewing it. It was really simple to use, even on the first try.

I wanted to add this (rather hideous, sorry!) picture of the highlighting just to describe where you should highlight your face should you wish! You basically want to hit the high points of the face, so the highs of the cheekbones, the brow bones, the middle of the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the cupids bow (I love the name of that) and on the chin! Phew. That’s a lot.

Again, this highlight shade wasn’t very metallic but it did added a nice dewiness to the skin. I really liked how smooth these shades glided on (this is the lightest shade) and I thought they blended out really well, (I used a beauty blender, but really your fingers work just as well). What I did notice about this product is that it blends out to a powder texture, which is great because it doesn’t leave the skin very shiny.

This is with no contour and the second is with! I think it works really nicely, but I feel that it’s not very pigmented (it’s good if you like subtle and understated!). One of my favourite things about this product (although it doesn’t really apply to me) is that because it’s small and easy to blend with your fingers it is perfect for on-the-go glam. If you do your makeup on the bus in the morning or if you want to retouch during the day, this is for you. This is also priced at £6.99 at Boots.


So there you have it! To me, the winner is the Rimmel Kate Moss contour palette. Although I really love Maybelline and their product, I think the Rimmel product edged the score because you also get a really pretty blush. No contour is complete without a pop of colour on the cheeks. I also feel that with the powders, the colour is easier to build than with the cream products. I find that I would most likely reach for the Rimmel product than the Maybelline, but I still love the concept!

I really hope you enjoy this post, if you did give it a like! Please let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them! Also, if you have any requests for a product you would like to see please let me know.

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