June Favourites!

June Favourites!

June Favourites!


Hi everyone! Welcome back to another post. Today we’re going to look at some of my favourite things from the month of June. I always love it when I can find a product that I absolutely love and it becomes part of my staple routine.

Looking at beauty first, I only have one thing that I have been using all the time, mainly because finding a beauty product that is bulletproof, and great for your own personal needs is REALLY hard. However, this Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier is a winner for me. I have used the original formula of this product and I also loved it, but this is specifically for combination (and sensitive) skin, which I feel mattifies my skin more than any other. It’s great because I do find my T-Zone gets oily during the day and at night so I just sweep this over my face and it’s really soft and smooth.

I do usually use makeup wipes to take off my makeup, (mainly cuz I’m lazy) but I like to take a few days a week and do a full cleanse of my skin after makeup. Splash some of this on a cotton pad and wipe away all that hard work you did applying your makeup (ugh it’s a shame isn’t it…). Then tone and moisturize and you’re done! Skincare made easy.

You can get this for £3.33 at Boots. 🙂

5Cosmetics time! My go-to foundation for this month has been the incredible L’Oreal True Match Foundation. Mine is in the shade ‘Rose Vanilla’ (because even ghostly girls canlook fierce). It has SPF 17 and blends like a dream (poet and I don’t know it). Prior to using this foundation I was loving Urban Decay’s Naked foundation and I have to say that this is very very similar. It’s slightly thicker in consistency which I like because I need full coverage (believe me) and to be honest I wouldn’t buy the UD foundation again when I know this lil’ beauty exists (especially taking into consideration the price). So yes, it’s a superstar in my book and I can see what all the fuss is about. This retails at £9.99 at any place you find L’Oreal cosmetics, so Boots, Superdrug, Gordon’s Chemists…

The Ecotools brush right there is probably my all-time favourite brush that I have ever bought. It’s super soft and it’s angled to make sure you have a perfect shape and amount of product in order to contour that face. I believe it’s called the ‘Skin Perfecting Brush’ and was marketed to be great for BB/CC Creams (which I have no doubt it would be) but as soon as I saw it I thought ‘contour’ and I wasn’t disappointed. I bought this as part of a set, but you can buy it separately online at Superdrug (or perhaps in bigger stores) priced at £7.99.

21 The nail polishes are from Barry M (my fave brand for nail polish) and I’ve been constantly going to these colours again and again this month. The light blue colour is called ‘Laguna’ and it is part of the Coconut Infusion range which claims to make the polish more shiny and moisturizing for nails. It also claims to strengthen nails and it is advised to not use a basecoat with this so you can reap the full benefits. I don’t think I’ve been using this long enough to see a visible change in my nails, but I do love this colour and the formula does make your nails shine! This range is priced at £4.99 and comes in 8 other colours. (Which I will have to buy because I can’t stop myself.)

The other metallic pink shade is called ‘Mediterranean’ (No, I did not spell that right first time.) and I love how these both have a summery name because that’s the feeling I was going for with this favourites post. This colour is part of the Aquarium Collection and it really does remind in a nail polish mermaids would wear. It’s beautiful and metallic, glittery on the nail without being chunky and it has a gold undertone which I really like. This retails at £3.99 and is available in 5 other colours. Check them out!


The last thing in my favourites for this month is fragranced products I have been loving. I’ve had this Vera Wang ‘Princess’ perfume for a while now but I find myself reaching for it more than ever during this month, (yes I did just spray it on myself). Well, first of all look at that bottle. It’s super cute with a little crown and everything. The perfume itself is also pink, so it’s very girly but I don’t think I’m too old for it right? The scent is very light and floral with a slight hint of vanilla as it mellows down during the day, so if you don’t like sweet perfume this is not for you, I’m sorry. You can get our hands on a bottle for £30.00 at Boots.

One thing I always have with me at home or in my handbag is a can of Impulse. It’s addictive and it always has great fragrances for anyone. This ‘Why Not’ scent was made in collaboration with the singer Charlie XCX and I think I bought it because of the packaging. Look at how much it stands out! It’s almost like an accessory in itself. Scent-wise, it’s rather difficult to explain. It’s more musky and citrus sharp rather than sweet and floral like the perfume but I still really think it’s a nice scent. Go and get a can yourself for £1.99 at Superdrug because Why Not?

If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations. Thank you for taking a look at my June Favourites and I hope you enjoyed! If you did, consider giving this post a like and leaving me a comment down below telling me your favourite products for the month of June that I could try out!

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