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Smokey For Summer: Urban Decay Smoky Palette

Smokey For Summer: Urban Decay Smoky Palette

Smokey For Summer: Urban Decay Smoky Palette


Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to show you how to do a really simple smokey eye and some crazy metallic lips, using one of my all time favourite palettes, the Urban Decay Smoky Palette.


First of all, I took the shade ‘Combust’ from the palette and sweep it over the whole lid and just completely smooth down and prime the area for other shadows. It also helps when it comes blending the other shadows together.


Then, I took the shade ‘Password’ and used it in the crease to help define the eye and start to make it look really smoked. If you’re using any other eyeshadows for this, any dark brown shade will do. Don’t use any shadow as dark as black for this step. It’s best to use a blending brush, but any other brush would do as long as you use a light hand and blend it out.



Next, I applied the shade ‘Whiskey’ to the whole lid. It’s a little lighter than the shade in the crease and more warm toned, which blends nicely together. Don’t bring this all the way to the inner corner, as you want to keep the inner corner as light as possible.


I blended all those colours up higher towards the brow bone, not going farther out than the end of the brow. I also used the shade ‘Thirteen’ in the inner corner to brighten and open the eyes, and also makes the dark eyeshadow look less harsh.


I then used the metallic shades, ‘Dirtysweet’ for the undereye, and ‘High’ to further brighten the inner corner. I used a dense pencil brush for the undereyes and the metallic pop really looks nice with the contrasting matte smokey eye.

I darkened the colours, just by going over them, added a thin line of eyeliner and mascara and used some false lashes, the Eyelure London lashes in No. 101 to make the look more dramatic. This is the finished look!


Super simple, but with some reallynice results!


I then used some Maybelline ‘Baby Lips’ lip balm, and pressed some of the shade ‘Dirtysweet’, just with my finger, into my lips to make my own metallic lip that would perfectly match my eyes.

Overall, this is the finished face! 15

Well, that’s it for this week! I really hope you enjoyed this post and you could follow it step by step, because I know I’m not the best at explaining things! If you did, please leave a like and tell me what you think!

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