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Collaboration with!

Collaboration with!

Collaboration with!


Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I have a rather exciting post because this is my very first collaboration! were kind enough to send me some products to review (and let me chose them myself), and here they are! 

1a As soon as I saw these brushes, I was in love. They are synthetic bristles, super soft and densely packed. They apply product really nicely! (I’m also a sucker for gold detail!) In total you get 8 brushes, 4 for your face and 4 for your eyes (and you could also use these for lips or concealer too). You can find them here on the website and they cost £15.06 for all 8 with free worldwide shipping. (Well worth it to be honest!) You can also get them in black here, or in red here.


Also, I started my own YouTube channel this week! My very first video features some of these brushes in action, take a look! The one I use for contouring here is my new fave!

(BTW, I was so totally nervous about this O.O but thank you all for watching! If you feel like Subscribing please do, it would be amazing to have you as part of the YT family as well!)

Now, on to lips! I got three shades of these liquid to matte lipsticks:

6 I’ve labelled them 10, 33 and 30 because those are the shade names on the website! You can find 10 here, and 30 and 33 here! These are £2.67 each (!!!!!!) and there are so many different shades to choose from. They are super lightweight and very pigmented. They claim to be long lasting which is true, and they don’t transfer at all. The only problem I have with these liquid lipsticks is that they are incredibly sticky. They aren’t sticky to the touch but if you press your lips together, they stick. It’s not a massive fault in them, and come on, for the price? Worth every penny.

Here are the swatches!


Lastly, let’s move on to lashes! (Alliteration FTW)

5 You can find these lashes here, these are style #1! These lashes are very nice, they aren’t super soft mink lashes or anything, they do feel a little plastic-y (if you’ve tried the Primark false lashes they feel like those <3). But damn, when I put them on my eyes, I was in love! These don’t come with lash glue, but I had a spare one from lashes I’ve used in the past.


This is how they looked on my eyes:


I was amazed at just how pretty they look. You don’t need to put mascara on them, they look full and they’re really easy to work with. (I’ve always have trouble with false lashes in the past :/) These retail for £1.96. Again, worth it in my eyes, when they look amazing and have such a wide selection too.

There we have it! Those are all of the products I received! I’d like to thank Lucy at for being so kind as to approach me for a collab, and for guiding me through.

Nurbesten code MEMD10 They were also kind enough to supply me with a coupon code for you all! As if the prices weren’t already great, use the code MEMD10 at the checkout for an extra 10% off your order. This is valid forever, it never expires, and you do have to use capital letters. It’s valid on all full priced items and you also get free worldwide shipping on all orders! I really recommend this website, I’m really impressed with the products and I intend to order from them in the future.



If you enjoyed this post, please leave a like and comment down below if you have a YouTube channel, and I’ll subscribe to you! <3


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