In the Comfort Zone: Wet N Wild Palette

In the Comfort Zone: Wet N Wild Palette

In the Comfort Zone: Wet N Wild Palette


I had often passed over the small Wet N Wild stall at my local pharmacy. That was until, I really looked at what was on offer. I had seen many Instagram pictures of these palettes, but never saw one that caught my eye. Until I found this one. With perfect Autumnal colours, I knew I had to have it – Comfort Zone. I couldn’t leave the store (to which I had originally went to get cough medicine) until I bought it.

The first colour that caught my eye was the beautiful olive green colour. I have brown eyes and I couldn’t wait to try it out because I was sure it would be a winner. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t expecting much pigment to these shadows, but I was wrong. Very wrong. Each one is vibrant with one stroke of the brush and very easily blended out to desired effect. They’re buttery to the touch too.


I also love this dark brown shade, it has the most unusual blue metallic shimmer from it which is so unique and beautiful. It’s definitely nothing like I own, which is always part of the fun when trying to find gems. I also love the embossed detail that tells you where to place each colour. You can go by their recommendations or be a rebel and mix and match!

Day to day, nude/brown colours are my go to. These shades are gorgeous, especially the second rose gold metallic shadow. Although I do have a few similar to these, the formula is so good, I think I’ll be using them steadily through the season.

I did a couple of looks with these:









With the first I actually also used a Wet N Wild felt tip liner (which I looooooove) and I love the green!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did give it a like! Leave a comment down below with your favourite Wet N Wild products that I could try out now I’m an addict!


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