Multimasking: L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks

Multimasking: L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks

Multimasking: L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks


Multimasking is one of the latest trends sweeping through the beauty community. It’s simply tailoring the face masks you use to the different areas of your face. Say you have an oily t-zone, but the rest of your face is dull, you can then use a purifying mask on your t-zone and a brightening mask on the rest of your face. The result is not only more concise skincare but you get to make fun patterns on your face! L’Oreal just happened to launch a range of clay masks that makes it super easy to follow this latest trend.

There are three different L’Oreal Skin Expert Pure Clay masks. The red algae clay, which is used to brighten and exfoliate, the charcoal clay mask to detoxify and clarify and the eucalyptus clay mask to purify and mattify.


They also all have slightly different smells, which I liked. I like the scent of the eucalyptus mask the best, as it has a nice clean fresh smell. If you aren’t fond of strongly fragranced products, these wouldn’t be suitable for you. The charcoal mask in particular has an extremely strong floral type scent.

For my skin, I find that the eucalyptus mattifying and purifying mask works best in my t-zone, while the charcoal mask is great for my chin and forehead for detoxing, as I usually break out there. The red is best suited to my cheeks that have normal, but dull, skin.


The masks each come with 50ml, and it claims on the box they are good for 10 uses each. I’ve only used these 3 times so far, and I think if you’re really even with them you will get 10 or maybe even more uses from them. You wear them for 10-15 minutes until totally dry, and just wash them off with lukewarm water and pat dry. I find that my skin is super soft and silky after using them, and that they really help to balance the oil levels in my t-zone to match the rest of my face, even if it only is temporarily. I think over time this skin issue will be improved by these masks.


I managed to get these masks when they were on offer for £5 each, but unfortunately I can’t find anywhere with the same deal any longer. Even though they are originally £7.99, if you can get your hands on them I would definitely recommend them! If you can’t afford to get them all, I find the Purity and Detox masks to be pretty similar, so perhaps go for one or the other. The exfoliation in the Glow mask also sets it apart from the others so much that if I could only get one, I would go for that one.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this weeks post! If you did, please leave a like and comment down below which of these masks you like the best, or which one you would like to try!


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