A Gift Guide for Bloggers – Blogmas Day Seven

A Gift Guide for Bloggers – Blogmas Day Seven

A Gift Guide for Bloggers – Blogmas Day Seven

Ahhh, bloggers. A rare species commonly found in coffee shops, or bedrooms, typing. If you have a blogger in your life (may it be your BFF or your GF) here are some TOTALLY blogger things that would make the perfect Christmas presents. That’s right. I did the hard work for you. Now just sit back, relax, grab a coffee and take a browse…

Olympus PEN E-PL8 – £549.00

Now, I don’t have one of these cameras personally. But if I have seen one, I’ve seen at least twenty floating around Instagram and Twitter. The price tag is relatively high on this one, so I thought we’d get it out of the way first, to calm your heart rate for the later buys. Is it a necessity? No, of course not! But it is darn pretty to look at. This is a 16.1 MP, 1080p HD shooting camera, so it’s perfect for bloggers and YouTubers alike. With many lenses to choose from it definitely has versatility, as well as Instagramability. (Yes, I am inventing that word.)

Dot Creates Gold Foil Pencil Set – £4.30

These, I do have. I LOVE them. They’re so quirky, but perfect for bloggers who are usually writing down blog post ideas, YouTube video ideas, or simply planning their days. I love that Dot Creates makes stationery specifically aimed at bloggers, so there are some other cool things over on her website too! I also have a set of gold metallic pens, that are a great weight, are lovely to write with (they write in black ink, yasss!) and they match my….

Leuchtturm 1917 Gold* – £17.50

I recently got in to Bullet Journaling, and these are the best books for it. It has numbered pages, you can get it in dotted, lined, square or plain paper, the pens don’t leak through… I just really love these notebooks. Yes, they’re a little pricey for ‘just a notebook’ but they are such high quality, and perfect if you know a blogger that really likes to make lists or visuals for their work. They come in a wide range of colours, but I love my special edition gold one. (They come in silver and a cool copper too!)
*This link is affiliate

iDeal of Sweden iPhone X Case – £29.99

This case is on my wishlist rn. It’s beautiful! I recently got the iPhone X and there are so many beautiful cases on iDeal of Sweden! They also have a tonne of cases for all other iPhone models, and Samsung too. These are soooo blogger friendly. Perfect for Instagram flatlays and they perfectly fit in with the marble craze that has taken over everywhere. I DO have a little discount code if you want to get one of these cases, and it’s simply ‘violetelm’ to get 5% off. (I do receive commission when you use it, just to be perfectly clear!) So, if you’re thinking about getting one, you might as well get a little £ off!

Rose Gold Glitter A5 Lightbox – £15.99

A lightbox is becoming a staple for many bloggers. They’re good props for photos, good in the background of YouTube videos, and all round just nice to have. I like these ones from New Look that also comes with little emoji-type inserts. It’s a pretty little home accessory that’s good all-year round! (I love the sparkle element too!)

White Marbleous 12 Piece Set – £64.99 

Now for the last item – this gorgeous marble inspired brush set from Spectrum Brushes. I have been lusting over these for a long time (I almost picked them up in the Black Friday sale, but I needed to save for Christmas gifts), so I thought I would include them here, as they are pretty good for bloggers, due to their photographic ability (everything we get has to look good in a photo). I’ve also heard so many great things about these brushes!


So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this gift guide aimed specifically for the blogger in your life. Please leave me a comment down below and let me know what else you would add to the list!

I’ll be back every day during December to bring you a post, so don’t forget to come back! Don’t be a stranger! Also, Day Five was a £25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! If you want to enter the link to that post is down below!


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