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What I Got For Christmas 2017

What I Got For Christmas 2017

What I Got For Christmas 2017

So, we’re left with the Bountys and the Strawberry Cremes and the last of the champagne has been drank and we’re settling back into a work routine. What a good time to finally make this post about what I got for Christmas. (I think one of the last bloggers on Earth, as usual…) As I’m sure you realise, I’m not doing this to brag or boast, but just because I love these kinds of posts. Let’s get right into it!

From My Parents…

I get spoiled every single year by my parents, and this year was no exception. This was the ‘biggest’ of my presents, and it was this beautiful Michael Kors Portia watch, in rose gold. I only have two watches that I wear all the time, and they are a rose gold Guess watch and a grey Cluse watch with a rose gold face. So, I’m keeping the rose gold theme with my watches! I just loved the pain face on this one, but it still has a little bit of sparkle. It’s great for everyday wear, which I love.

Ugh, I was so excited for this one. I do have a Nescafé Dulce Gusto machine that was kind of showing it’s age, so I decided to go with a Bosch Tassimo machine instead. I adore this cream colour, and it matches in with our toaster and kettle which is amazing. I prefer the range of drinks you can get with the Tassimo as they work with other brands like Costa, Cadbury and Twinings for their drinks. So you can get great tea and coffee options, as well as hot chocolate! Also, I need to mention this mug, which I got for myself, as I was buying gifts… (always the way isn’t it?) which is quickly becoming one of my favourites (along with another one I’m going to show you in a minute…)

This was technically ‘from’ my sister, but she’s only nine, so I know my parents bought it. I have been looking at this perfume for months (maybe a year) and I almost bought it at the airport when I was going to Portugal on holiday, but I didn’t bother and it kind of slipped my mind. But, finally, I have my hands on it! (It was on my Christmas Wishlist post, too!) It came in this beautiful gift set box (that you can see in the top image) and it came with the body lotion and shower gel. It smells absolutely gorgeous. It has a citrus/fruity scent so it’s very fresh, but also has a hint of musk and woods which is just the perfect fragrance for me. I highly recommend this one if you’ve never tried a Marc Jacobs fragrance before, but you like lighter scents.

From My Friends…

I absolutely love and cherish the gifts my friends got me. As you can see, my friend Sarah paid a lot of attention to my blog and got me the Sarah Jessica Parker NYC mini fragrance that I mentioned in my Stocking Fillers Under £10 post, as well as this little makeup sponge from Flutter, and the So? body spray which smells amazing. She also got me a Garnier Micellar Water, which is so handy because I use it almost every day!

From my friend Amy, I got this mug which says ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ and is in contention for my favourite mug ever. It’s so true, I love my cats (and basically any other cat I set my eyes on) so much, so I’m very much looking forward to using this for years to come. She also got me a Soap & Glory set which I forgot to picture, but I haven’t really tried Soap & Glory before apart from their Hand Food lotion, so it’s going to be nice to try something new.

Carla, my other lovely friend got me the most giant and beautifully smelling candle (which is purple and I love it) and it really does make me kinda sorta want to eat it. She also got me this very pretty MUA palette which I’m very excited to play around with! (And I might do a blog post on…..??) As well as a bar of chocolate (which is long gone…)

The last gift I’m mentioning here, was actually so thoughtful. In work, I have a lovely woman who comes in to the shop sometimes just for a chat. She got me this bottle of Ted Baker Woman perfume (which is one of my favourites!!!) and it was so nice of her. Just shows you how thoughtful some people can be, and to always give back, because I believe that Karma is real.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, I hope you’ll leave a like and follow my blog! (You can sign up via e-mail or follow me via WordPress at the sidebar >>)  and I would love to know what you got for Christmas, or your favourite gift you’ve ever gotten for Christmas! Leave a comment down below letting me know.

If you’re reading this and you got me a gift, THANK YOU.

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