How I Use My Bullet Journal To Manage My Blog

How I Use My Bullet Journal To Manage My Blog

How I Use My Bullet Journal To Manage My Blog

A bullet journal was something that I had seen written about many times, but I never knew what it actually was. It wasn’t until I met the lovely Holly, and saw a few of her videos and posts about Bullet Journalling, that I really took an interest. I’ve written in my Twitter bio that I am ‘forever trying to get organised’ which is very true, particularly in relation to my ‘Internet life’ and this blog. I’m very easily side tracked, and I would win the gold medal in procrastination. I’m trying very hard this year to make a change to that, and so I’m using my Bullet Journal more than ever, and it really is making a difference to how I create content and how I promote it.

A Blog Panning Page

I usually have a little page (or sometimes two) to plan out posts I’d like to make. For February I’m doing just one (do you like my hearts layout??) but for December, around Blogmas, I had a couple. This makes it so easy when I have an idea for a post, just to pop it in the list, and it’s all kept together. It can be an idea for this month, or for when I have the time, and I can just transfer it to the list next month if I don’t get around to it.

I also keep a little section for followers throughout the month, just a little weekly check in. I might also write down my views, just to see if any posts did particularly well. It’s really all about what you want to track. I don’t really track followers and stats religiously, but if I’ve had a bunch of new followers, I like to write it down as a little boost!

Once I have all of my ideas together, I like to write in the ones I’m using for the month into the ‘Posts’ section, which then gives me a ‘to-do’ list. I then have check boxes for W E P P – which is basically Write, Edit, Photos, Publish – just to then keep track if I’ve already taken photos for that post, or if I have it written already and it needs photos.

Then, I have the ‘Promotions’ box. I like to make little check boxes for each of the socials I use – T F I P SU – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Stumble Upon. I make sure to check these off after I’ve promoted my post – or scheduled promo posts using Buffer.

Blogging Tips & Tricks

Some months I use this page, others I don’t. That’s what I love about Bullet Journals in general, you decide what you use and what you don’t. Basically, I just use some boxes for the information I want to write down, and title them with specific areas around blogging that I would love to learn a little more about.

For this month I chose ‘SEO’ (my DA went down *sad face*), ‘Affiliate’ just to keep track of any affiliates I could join, ‘Traffic’ so I can research some ways to maximise traffic to my blog and ‘Pinterest’ (which might solve my ‘Traffic’ problem) because I always hear so many bloggers talk about how amazing Pinterest has been for them, but I’ve never actually seen any amazing effects from using Pinterest. I need to know more!

I also use a Social Media Tracker in the front of my journal, to track the stats for all of my other socials at the beginning of each month. It gives me a good idea of how people respond to my posting, whether I need to post more (or less) and then I can work on other ways to grow!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and perhaps can pick up some tips and incorporate them into your own journal. Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

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